Digitally Printed

We can provide you with a full colour digital service, including large format vehicle wraps and graphics as well as wall and floor wraps.

The artwork of custom vehicle wrap is generated on state of the art high performance computers and printed onto vinyl sheets using high resolution printing technology. It is then laminated for a glossy presentation, and protection of the vehicles finish.

Customers can provide their own artwork based on our specifications, or we can have one of our in house graphic designers come up with a design to create maximum impact for your vehicle. Effective artwork is the most important part of the vehicle wrap process and any short cuts can result in a less efficient vehicle wrap.

Once the design and print work are completed our professional installers carefully affix the custom wrap to the surface of the vehicle. The wrap conforms to the vehicles exact shape and gives a factory ready appearance. The use of experienced installers is critical as a poorly installed wrap could reflect negatively on your company’s image.

Commercial vehicle wraps with custom graphics are an innovative and powerful marketing strategy in the new field of mobile advertising.

In the saturated marketplace we face today, vehicle wraps are a cost effective solution for all types of business owners. Vehicle wraps reach a large demographic and provide a high return on investment. Turn your vehicle fleet into a marketing tool and build brand awareness by putting your logo on the road! Research shows typical vehicle wraps obtain 30,000 to 70,000 impressions a day!