Wrap Kings is based in the West Midlands and has many clients across the United Kingdom and within Europe.

We are an award-winning vehicle wrapping company offering a whole plethora of vehicle, marketing and promotional solutions. We combine the highest industry standards and we’re at the cutting edge of the latest technology. Our post of expertise include award-winning installations, graphic design at international standard, high definition printing using some of the best print machines available and we also use the absolute best materials out there today.

Wrap Kings has 15+ years of experience combined after collectively embracing the world of wrapping vehicles and making an impact visually with our work, whether it is for your probate or business signage – we can meet whatever your requirement is. Several years in to the life of Wrap Kings and our Sticker Fitters division, we continue to set high standards and plan on keep pushing the envelope to what we can actually accomplish.

Wrap Kings offers a wide range of advertising and vehicle wrap solutions to whether you’ve got an already established company, you’re looking to launch your own business or looking to make an impact when re-branding. We also offer window sign writing for shop fronts, window tinting, digitally printed banners, external and internal vehicle colour and texture changes and much more.

On top of offer a broad service to individual or fleet vehicle design and wraps, Wrap Kings can create a broad and mobile advertising campaign; an avenue which is becoming used more and more by various advertising, promotion, marketing, PR companies the corporate world, a part of their guerilla marketing strategies.

Wrap Kings has their own in-house design team to either design what’s at hand or help assist you with your needs. We have the tools and experience to produce designs, banners of any size, shop fronts in the retail sector, restaurants, walls (custom digital wallpapers), any aspect of advertising from business cards to billboards, jet-ski’s, motorbikes, trains, subways and much more.