Vehicle Wrap/Sign Disclaimer

Since we have no control over how you care for your vehicle, we must take precautions on what we can guarantee.

  • We recommend hand washing all wrapped vehicles. Absolutely no pressure washing.
  • Vehicles must be delivered in a clean condition, you will be advised on cleaning condition upon booking. (please be aware this could delay fitting time and may possibly cost)
  • If you have waxed your car repeatedly, it must be de-waxed before we “Wrap Your Ride”.
  • You may see some imperfections on certain hard line contour areas.
  • Even though we always try to have zero overlapping panels, we can’t always guarantee that.
  • We use the best quality film available to us. (Please discuss with WRAPKINGS team for advice).
  • We also over-laminate the film for extra fade and scratch protection for full digital prints only.
  • Wrapkings are 3M Authorized wrappers, which ensures the customer receives a 3M warrant on the applied vinyl for 5 years, for fading when applied to a good factory paint job. Warranty is at the manufactures discretion, not Wrap Kings/ Sticker Fitters, as paint work will be subject to manufactured paint analysis for factor confirmation, direct by 3M).
  • 3M material has a cast life of 7- 10 years! Many other materials have there own specific cast life, refer to Wrapkings vinyl specialist for more information.
  • Alternative vinyl manufactures, do not provide a manufactures warranty i.e. Hexis, Avery and Arlon.
  • It is the client’s responsibly to check and approve all artwork including colour, size, type/text (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and vehicle specification. Any changes after approval will incur further costs. Wrapkings have made every effort to make the colours and finishes on screen as close as possible to the colours and finishes of the final product. However, we cannot guarantee an exact match in colours and finishes.
  • It is the clients responsibility to read through the disclaimer before booking in for vehicle work, payment of a deposit and/or agreeing on visual.
  • The customer is agreeing to this disclaimer by sending the final digital proof back, with an emailed agreement; by verbal agreement during time of 1:1 design meeting ; payment of deposit and/or agreement of booking through social media/phone calls.
  • Graphics are custom made at the time of purchase, therefore there are absolutely no returns on graphics, once proof has been signed/agreed. Be sure you have picked the right colour and graphics, before ordering because once an order is placed, you can NOT change it.
  • Any unauthorized reproduction of graphic work, without the express written permission by Wrapkings is strictly forbidden. If you wish to own the design work, you must express this when quoting is given (to ensure cost reflects design credentials).
  • All deposits are non refundable, as the deposit confirms booking allocation, shop space and material outlay. However Wrapkings will make every effort to re-book any authorised cancellations, to still meet the clients requirements.
  • We inspect the vehicle for imperfections and 99% of the time have no problems when removing the film if the wrap is taken off. If you have a less than perfect paint job, there can be minimal lifting of paint or clear coating.
  • We will inspect the vehicle for troubled paint or rust areas and note that there is not a guarantee that the film will hold up on those spots.
  • With over 9 years of vinyl application experience and the support from 3m representatives, you can trust that we will treat your vehicle with the same care that you would use yourself.
  • Never attempt to take off the wrap yourself, always let the professionals here handle that for you.
  • On certain inverted areas and body contours, you may see some lifting of the vinyl. We will touch up those areas for free for the first year. We use a special primer adhesive on those areas, but can’t guarantee those vinyl “lifts” won’t happen. We can’t replace a panel just for a simple vinyl lift, but we will do our best to work it back into the valley of the inverted contour.
  • Plan on leaving your “cleaned” vehicle with us for a minimum of 3-4 days- subject to custom booking.
  • WRAPKINGS/ STICKERS FITTERS are fully insured to work on your pride and joy, but not for over nigh storage. This is at the customers discretion.
  • A “vehicle wrap” is not a paint job, but can save you thousands of pounds for such detail.YOU WILL GET NOTICED IN YOUR NEW VEHICLE !